New World: Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion Gets October 3 Release Date

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth will raise the game’s level cap, and brings with it a new zone, as well as a new weapon type and an entire new tier of equipment.

Amazon Games has announced that MMORPG New World will be getting its first expansion on October 3. The expansion, titled Rise of the Angry Earth, will be priced at $29.99. Players interested in getting into the game right now can pick up a bundle containing the base game and the upcoming expansion for $69.99. Check out the trailer for New World: Rise of the Angry Earth below.

The Rise of the Angry Earth expansion will also bring with it the start of New World‘s third season, which will bring with it a revamp to the game’s mainline story quests, changes to open world PvP, and quality of life improvements like the removal of Wards, Banes and Expertise.

The expansion brings with it a new story that revolves around the fury of the Angry Earth ravaging the lands of Aeternum. In terms of gameplay features, mounts will be making their way into the game with Rise of the Angry Earth, alongside more progression options with a new level cap of 65 and gear score cap of 700. Players will now also be able to find gear of the new Artifact rarity, which will be a new tier of weapons and armor.

Other new features include a new zone dubbed the Elysian Wilds, a new Expedition dubbed The Savage Divide, the Primal Fury Hearthrune ability, and the new flail weapon type.