Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Wonder Effects, Badges, Live Player Shadows, and More Detailed

The 2.5D platformer offers many new features, like creating player rooms, co-op races, placing Standees to revive others and more.

In addition to showcasing new Power-ups, enemies and more in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the recent Nintendo Direct also highlighted the new Wonder Effects. By touching a Wonder Flower, you trigger various bizarre effects.

These range from moving pipes, stampeding enemies, tilting terrain, bubbles, an overhead perspective, and floating through space. Your character even transforms into a Goomba, Spike Ball, or balloon. Touching the Wonder Seed returns things to normal and is also used to unlock more courses. There are also Badges, which further change the way you play.

Equipped before starting a course, Badges provide bonuses like slow falls with the Parachute Cap, the Sensor to locate items, constant dashing via Jet Run and more. Only one can be equipped at a time, and they’re earned by completing Badge Challenges or purchased from Poplin Shops for Flower Coins.

As previously announced, there’s local four-player co-op. When players are defeated, they float around as Ghosts. They’re brought back to life if their allies reach them in time. You can also ride characters playing as Yoshi (and yes, a Yoshi can ride another Yoshi). Perhaps the coolest multiplayer additions are those available by connecting online.

Players can be seen in the overworld and as Live Player Shadows in courses. If defeated, you can navigate your Ghost to a Shadow and revive. Players can also gift items and place Standees that will also revive Ghosts. Heart Points are earned based on how much Standees help other players.

You can also create rooms for friends, jump into any courses they’re playing or start races. While some require reaching the end, other races involve grabbing Wonder Seeds and defeating bosses.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches on October 20th for Nintendo Switch.