Soulframe Gameplay Demo Showcases Fantasy Environments, Combat and Bosses

Midrath’s northern isle hosts various spirits and characters, though major threats like Lady Deora and the Torment Stag also await.

During TennoCon 2023, Digital Extremes showcased over 30 minutes of gameplay for Soulframe. The free-to-play action hybrid MMORPG was announced last year, and unlike the sci-fi leanings of Warframe (which receives cross-save support later this year), it has a fantasy setting where nature and humanity collide.

While the art direction may remind you of some of Warframe’s more fantastical settings, the combat is much slower-paced. You can light your sword ablaze, block, dodge-roll away from enemies and more. Exploration is possible on horseback, with the player venturing through Midrath’s northern isle, running into bosses like Lady Deora and the twisted Torment Stag.

Soulframe doesn’t have a release date or platforms, but the objective seemingly focuses on finding the Silvern Seas and awakening one’s Ancestors. If none of that makes sense, rest assured – you’re not the only one. On the bright side, development will focus heavily on community feedback, like Warframe.