Nintendo Switch Online is Adding Excitebike 64 on August 30

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers will be able to play the classic dirt bike racing game later this month.

It’s been a while since we saw Nintendo make a notable addition to Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 library of games, but that’ll be changing soon. The Japanese company has announced that the N64 dirt bike racing classic Excitebike 64 will be added to the Nintendo Switch Online library later this month, on August 30.

The game will come with its full suite of single player and multiplayer offerings, including local and online multiplayer, Exhibition Races, Time Trials, custom track creation, and more. Also included are the full Season mode with 20 tracks to master, as well as bonus features like soccer and Hill Climb. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse of what the game will have in store.

Excitebike 64 will be available on August 30 to all subscribers of the service’s higher tier, Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, which gives access to N64 titles. Other N64 titles in its library that have been added this year include GoldenEye 007 and Pokemon Stadium.