Deathground is a Dino Survival Horror Coming “Soon” to PC

Sneak through various environments solo or in a three-player team, avoiding the dinosaurs and surviving long enough to complete objectives.

Jaw Drop Games’ Deathground, a survival horror title that sees players facing off against AI dinosaurs, has received a new gameplay teaser. The pre-alpha gameplay footage showcases different types throughout various environments as players sneak around to avoid their attention. Of course, once they’re on your trail, it turns into a tense game of escape.

Along with a motion tracker, players have firearms to defend themselves, but that’s unlikely to do any good against a T. Rex. Even the smaller dinosaurs can pose a threat, so running and hiding in lockers and whatnot is key. Deathground supports co-op for up to three players but is also playable solo.

Each level has different objectives to complete, and there are also classes with unique traits and skills to rely on. The environments and their shadows and lighting look pretty sleek, thanks to Unreal Engine 5, but even with dynamic objectives and AI, we’ll see how much replay value it offers.

Deathground has been in the works since at least July 2020, but there’s no release window yet. Stay tuned for more updates.