Learn more about how Blackbird Interactive infused the world with life while giving distinct looks and personalities to the Piglins.​

The world of Minecraft meets action real-time strategy when Minecraft Legends releases next month. In a new video, the team at Blackbird Interactive discussed the visuals and overall look and how they went about creating it. Check it out below.

Compared to its inspiration, Minecraft Legends is more “saturated” and teeming with life. Traversing through the world, you’ll see birds emerge from trees and hear the wind blowing. Weather effects like rain also ripple through nearby water bodies in cinematic ways.

Animals have key-framed animations, which makes them feel alive. Environmental aspects like mountains also go through numerous processes to come out looking good. The antagonistic Piglins also look distinct, with Blackbird taking notes from Mojang’s Nether update for Minecraft and giving them more personality with various colors.

Minecraft Legends launches on April 18th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. It will also release day one for Game Pass.