Stormgate Gets New Trailer Showcasing The Infernal Host as a Playable Faction

The newest trailer for upcoming real-time strategy game Stormgate focuses on the Infernal Host, and how it will be different from other factions in the game.

Developer Frost Giant has released a new video for its upcoming real-time strategy game Stormgate. The video, which you can check out below, focuses on one of the game’s factions—the Infernals.

The video shows off how differently the Infernal Host will play when compared to mechs. Stormgate will place quite a bit of emphasis on the asymmetry of its factions in the vein of classic RTSes like StarCraft.

Stormgate will be a free-to-play real-time strategy game with an emphasis on social play. Every game mode in the title will be playable with friends, including the campaign.

The last time we heard of Stormgate was back when the studio had released a trailer showing off the title’s pre-alpha gameplay. The trailer showed off units like the Scout—a robot dog that acts as a scout that can detect units.

Previously, Frost Giant CEO Tim Morten has spoken about the studio’s choice of engine for developing Stormhaven being Unreal Engine 5.