Gunfire Games is significantly increasing the replay value of the sequel with vastly different areas, bosses and stories in each playthrough.​

Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 is making some pretty big changes from the original. While the procedural world generation returns, it’s on a much bigger scale than before. IGN First reports that instead of enemy spawns and some rooms being changed, you can see entirely different enemies, biomes, bosses and even stories with each playthrough.

One example is Yaesha. Now completely overrun by The Root, it offers a forested area with lizard enemies on one run, floating islands and flying tentacle monsters on the second, and a dark temple with cultists on the third.

Gunfire Games’ CEO David Adams said, “The way that works in the game is that all the quests, all the events, are all randomized. So if you go in and you fight a miniboss, and another player goes in and fights a miniboss in an area, they might have a completely different boss. You might have different events. Different random events occur in the game, and even the layouts of the dungeons change.”

So depending on the world’s version, you may come across the cultist’s dark deity as the boss or a plant monster. There are also different NPCs, from a musician that needs your help with a puzzle to a Pan Empress who needs help to protect her people.

“That’s our dream, is you’re either talking to each other while you’re playing, or you come back from work, or you’re watching a stream, and you’re like, wait, that’s not what I did. ‘Where are you stuck?’ ‘Oh, I got stuck on this boss. He’s this guy with big horns, and does this weird move,’ and you’re like, ‘I’ve never even seen that guy. I don’t even know what world you’re talking about.’ And we think that’ll be pretty unique for the player.

“The main reason we wanted to do procedural generation is that we didn’t want people to experience the same thing twice. I have an anecdote where I can’t play a game more than once for some reason. If I’ve done something, I can’t do it again. So the huge incentive here was like, hey, I want to make a game that I would play through more than once.”

Along with the new classes (like the Gunslinger), weapons and abilities, it should provide tons of replay value for fans of the original. Remnant 2 is in development for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. It’s out this year, though a release date hasn’t been announced.