Fort Solis Trailer Teases Sinister Events on Mars

What’s going on in Fort Solis? Why have the personnel disappeared? Engineer Jack Leary strives to find out (and hopefully survive).

Dear Villagers’ sci-fi thriller Fort Solis is out later this month and offers an unorthodox adventure starring Roger Clarke (Red Dead Redemption 2) as engineer Jack Leary. Venturing to Fort Solis on Mars, Leary is unsettled to find the personnel missing. As the latest trailer showcases, gruesome things have gone down, and it’s a fight for survival.

It’s unclear exactly what’s happening, but Leary must find out what happened. Julia Brown’s character provides support over the radio, and the incident seems to involve medical officer Wyatt Taylor (played by Troy Baker of The Last of Us fame). The story takes place over four chapters with no camera cuts, loading times or HUD, and the visuals look stunning, thanks to Unreal Engine 5.

Fort Solis launches on August 22nd for PS5 and PC. Check out some more extensive gameplay here. It’s not confirmed for Xbox, but game director James Tinsdale says the team wants to release it for “any and every audience.”