Fort Solis Showcases 14 Minutes of New Gameplay

Black Drakkar Games and Fallen Leaf Studio have released new gameplay for the upcoming adventure title, showing the opening minutes of its first chapter.

Black Drakkar Games and Fallen Leaf Studio’s upcoming sci-fi narrative adventure game Fort Solis went gold last week over a month ahead of launch, and with the game’s release towards the end of this mont drawing nearer, curiosity around it continues to build. Fort Solis has, of course, looked promising in all that we’ve seen of it so far, and now, courtesy of IGN, a new block of 14 minutes of gameplay footage has been released.

Showcasing a section from the beginning of the game, the video kicks into chapter 1 of the story early on, and shows protagonist Jack (played by Roger Clarke of Red Dead Redemption fame) arriving at the titular Fort Solis and finding the base completely deserted. The gameplay does a solid job of giving a taste of the sort of QTE sections, exploration, narrative focus, and atmosphere you can expect from the game. Check it out below.

Fort Solis launches on August 22 for PS5 and PC.