Watch Over 14 Minutes of Raw Fort Solis Gameplay

Over 14 minutes of raw gameplay for Fort Solis, the upcoming sci-fi thriller game by Fallen Leaf and Black Drakkar Games has been revealed. The new Fort Solis gameplay was unveiled exclusively to IGN and showcases some of the game’s eerie settings, the plot, but does not shed light on the gameplay.

Watch the latest Fort Solid gameplay right here:

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Fort Solis has gone gold, just ahead of its August 22 release date. The developer says that the game’s narrative is told across four chapters, comparing it to a Netflix series. Players can binge the game in one intense session or play it chapter by chapter like an episodic TV show.

Fort Solis follows protagonist Jack Leary (voiced by Troy Baker), who is responding to an unusual alarm call from a remote mining base, where Jack stumbles across the dark and desolate Fort Solis. With storm warnings, he goes inside the Fort in desperation. As the night grows longer, events escalate and spiral out of control. Jack tries to uncover the mystery of what happened to the crew.

Fort Solis creeps out on August 22, 2023, for PS5 and PC.