Dreams’ Arcade Puzzler Tren Detailed, Out Next Week

Media Molecule’s “biggest creation” yet will launch alongside over 550 new elements, allowing players to create and customize tracks.

Media Molecule’s Dreams will be free for PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers on August 1st. However, it’s also receiving a free new experience in Tren. In a new PlayStation Blog post, the arcade puzzler is the “biggest creation” from the studio since Dreams first launched and an “absolute labor of love.”

The gameplay involves traversing from one end of the track to the other, which is easier said than done. Tren was revealed in 2021 as part of DreamsCom but has become something far greater. “Tren began life as the brainchild of our creative director John Beech, who saw the potential of using Dreams to create an ode to his childhood.

“At its heart, Tren is a game all about the joy of play – after all, while we all have to grow up eventually, you don’t have to lose that spark of childlike wonder.”

Players can expect several Easter eggs and references from those who worked on it, but that’s not all. Its launch includes a kit of more than 550 elements to customize tracks. You can even change the developer’s tracks to make them more challenging.

Regardless of the response, this is likely the last major update for Dreams. Support ends on September 1st with Media Molecule working on a new project (which isn’t a sequel).