Ubisoft Won’t Delete Accounts That Have Purchased Games

In a recent statement, the publisher confirmed that accounts which purchased games will never be considered for deletion.

Following a recent tweet about Ubisoft closing accounts due to inactivity (see below), causing many to be concerned for their game libraries, the publisher has clarified its account deletion policy. It told IGN that it doesn’t delete accounts that have purchased games, though it deletes inactive ones per the EU’s General Data Protection Regular (GDPR).

Along with regulating how long companies can store a person’s information, the policy protects against fraud. When looking at an account’s deletion, several criteria are considered, including activity since creation, game libraries (reaffirming that any purchased titles meant it’s not eligible), an active subscription and duration of inactivity.

It also recently instilled a rule where accounts inactive for less than four years were not subject to deletion. If a user does get an email about their account’s impending deletion, they can log back in and use a link to reactivate it. So no, you won’t lose all your Ubisoft games if inactive.