Fort Solis Has Gone Gold a Month Ahead of Launch

The sci-fi narrative adventure game is set to launch for PlayStation 5 and PC on August 22.

Fort Solis has been on our radar ever since it was first unveiled, as it has for a great many others, and with each new showing, the sci-fi narrative adventure title has continued to look more promising. Now, a month ahead of its looming launch, it’s hit a major development milestone.

Co-developer Fallen Leaf Studio has announced via a Twitter post that Fort Solis has gone gold. With the game’s master code now ready and sealed, any and all work Fallen Leaf Studio and Black Drakkar Games should continue to do on the game will likely arrive in the form of pre-launch or day one updates.

Fort Solis is due out on August 22 for PS5 and PC, though game director James Tinsdale has suggested that an Xbox Series X/S version will be explored following the game’s release.