PS5 Pro Will Feature Frame Rate Improvements at 4K, 8K Support, Accelerated Ray Tracing, and More – Rumour

The console is reportedly in the works under the codename Trinity, and will also have 30 WGP and 18000mts memory.

Even though the PS5 is nearly three years old, it feels like developers have barely begun to scratch the surface with what its hardware can enable, though if leaks are to be believed, Sony is already moving forward with plans to introduce a more powerful variant of the console in the not-too-distant future.

Reports of a PS5 Pro being in the works first emerged earlier this year, and now, a new report published on Key to Gaming by journalist Tom Henderson – who first reported on the new console variant’s existence – claims to have details on some of the console’s specs and features.

As per the report, the PS5 Pro has been in development under the codename “Trinity” since early 2022, and is currently targeting a November 2024 launch. The console will allegedly have 30 WGP and 18000mts memory, and will feature improved frame rates at 4K resolution, support for 8K resolution output, as well as accelerated ray tracing. Allegedly, “the majority of studios” will have received development kits for the console by November this year.

Henderson also states that the PS5 Pro (or whatever it ends up being officially called) is likely to be Sony’s last major hardware release this generation, with plans allegedly shifting to the PS6 in its wake, which is currently supposedly targeting a 2028 launch.

Interestingly, there’s plenty more PlayStation hardware on the horizon in the near future though. The remote play cloud streaming handheld device, Project Q, is due out sometime this year, and images and footage showcasing it have recently leaked online.

Meanwhile, reports have also claimed that a PS5 model with a detachable hard drive is set to launch in September, and could be unveiled sometime in August.