Microsoft has confirmed that its summer showcase for this year will happen on June 11, right before the Starfield Direct.​

We’ve known for a while that Microsoft will have its annual summer showcase in June, what with Microsoft having confirmed the same in December, even though the company isn’t technically going to be part of E3 proper. Now, Microsoft has also confirmed a concrete date for when the showcase will happen.

Recently, it was announced that Starfield will launch in September, with a Starfield Direct showcase planned for roughly three months before that on June 11. The Xbox Games Showcase, as many may have guessed, will happen on the same day, right before the Starfield blowout. In a recent tweet, Microsoft said, “Join us for Starfield Direct following the Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday, June 11.”

What Microsoft will be showing at the Xbox Games Showcase remains to be seen, especially with Starfield being held back for its own dedicated showcase right afterward. Based on what’s been announced so far, when the showcase happens, other than Starfield, the only major game Microsoft will have primed for release for the remainder of the year will be Forza Motorsport (though that doesn’t yet have a concrete release date, with reports claiming that it has been pushed back into the second half of the year).

Presumably, Microsoft will be showcasing games that are in the pipeline for 2024. Recent reports have claimed the Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 and Avowed are the two big games that are closest to launch in that group.