Pikmin 4 is Out Now on Nintendo Switch

Venture to a new planet to save the Rescue Corp members, command Pikmin, engage in Night Expeditions and Dandori Battles and more.

Nintendo’s long-awaited sequel in the Pikmin series announced in 2015, is finally available on the Nintendo Switch. Pikmin 4 sees the player as a recruit of the Rescue Corps, who must travel to a planet to save the group after they crash onto it on a mission to save Captain Olimar. It’s a whole thing. Check out the launch trailer below.

Once again, players can grow and command different Pikmin to complete various tasks. Some are fire-resistant and good at fighting, while others can shatter walls and shock enemies. You also have Oatchi, who serves as a mount and takes on enemy creatures for you. Some newer features include Dandori Battles, where you compete with an NPC to collect items, and Night Expeditions to collect Luminals.

For more details on Pikmin 4, check out our feature here. A free demo is also available on the Nintendo eShop, which allows for transferring progress to the game.