Firewall Ultra Launches for PS VR2 on August 24

Developer First Contact Entertainment has also released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming multiplayer shooter.

The PlayStation VR2 is only a few months old yet, but so far in its life, it’s in desperate need of proper killer apps. First Contact Entertainment’s first person shooter Firewall Ultra has looked like a game that could potentially fit that description since it was revealed last year (not least because its predecessor is still one of the best games in the original PS VR’s library), and now, we know exactly when it will be coming out.

First Contact Entertainment has announced that Firewall Ultra will be out for the PlayStation VR2 on August 24, a little over a month from now. The game’s Standard Edition will be priced at $39.99, while a Digital Deluxe Edition – which will include early unlocks for four contracts, four contractor outfits, four weapon camos, and the Operation Pass – will be available for $59.99. Meanwhile, pre-ordering either of the two editions will also net you the the Reaper X75 legendary weapon.