Risk of Rain Returns Trailer Introduces Drifter, the First New Survivor

Create Scrap and fire it at enemies like a shotgun or convert it into four temporary items for your teammates or yourself.

Hopoo Games’ Risk of Rain Returns, a remake of the 2013 classic, is launching later this year and offers 15 playable Survivors. Two of those are new, with the first revealed in a recent trailer. Check it out below and say hello to Drifter.

Drifter is a brawler whose main melee combo, Blunt Force, creates Scrap. You can also use Suffocate, a melee attack that stuns and deals 200 percent damage while immediately converting enemies below 20 percent into Scrap. With enough Scrap, Cleanup becomes available, allowing you to fire Scrap like a shotgun.

Finally, there’s Salvage. When the Scrap meter is three-fourths full, Drifter creates four temporary items for allies. It’s a great way to lend support but works solo since you can take them yourself. However, the key word is “temporary” – the items will expire, so keep making Scrap and Salvaging to make more.

Drifter has alternate abilities, with more details coming later. Risk of Rain Returns is releasing on Nintendo Switch and PC, but a date has yet to be announced.