Final Fantasy 16 Commercial Highlights Critical Acclaim

Square Enix’s massive action RPG is available exclusively on PS5 and has garnered extensive praise from critics worldwide.

Square Enix has released a short Japanese commercial for Final Fantasy 16, highlighting the positive scores from critics. There’s a fair amount of perfect scores and praise for the action RPG, which is available now for PS5. Check it out below.

Produced by Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy 14 fame), with development assistance from PlatinumGames and the Kingdom Hearts team, the story is set in Valisthea. It’s divided into multiple realms that war over the blessings of the Mothercrystals using Dominants and Eikons. Players control Clive Rosfield, who embarks on a quest for vengeance against the Eikon of Fire.

Combat in Final Fantasy 16 is real-time, with Clive wielding different Eikonic Skills and combos to annihilate enemies. Check out our official review, where we scored it a perfect 10. You can also read more about why it’s the richest game in the series here. Final Fantasy 16 has sold over three million units in less than a week since launch.