The Gunslinger is all about damage with guns, as they auto-target enemies, shoot faster, and move quicker when aiming down sights.​

Following the success of Remnant: From the Ashes, Gunfire Games is working on Remnant 2, a Souls-like shooter that further embraces procedurally generated levels and cosmic horror. Like the previous game, there are classes, which provide unique benefits depending on the play style. If taking down enemies with guns is your thing, then say hello to the Gunslinger.

Speaking to IGN First, principal designer Ben Cureton provided more details on the class (which replaces the Ex-Cultist). “So the Gunslinger in Remnant 2 is all about weapons. They’re the master of weapon handling, fire rate, and ammo generation. And the fantasy for the Gunslinger is they’re constantly switching between weapons. They’re rarely running out of ammo. It still can happen, but it’s much rarer than in another class. And they shoot much faster on average than every other class in the game. They’re just a rain of bullets everywhere.”

The Gunslinger’s Prime Perk: Loaded reloads all weapons if you activate any skills, allowing you to keep shooting. One such skill is Quickdraw, which can clear out weaker enemies or focus all your bullets on a single target. “Quick Draw is something you’ve probably seen in every western ever made, which is they pull out their six-shooter and fire six shots.

“And there are two versions of that. One will auto-target enemies in front of you and shoot up to six shots. The special mode is if you hold the button down, you can actually aim it, and it will always shoot six shots, but it will shoot exactly at the reticle.

“So you can use that for something that has a very visible weak spot, something that’s not moving too fast, bosses – things like that. It’s quite strong. And it’s especially good because it’s on a lower cooldown, and it’s something that you can use with the Prime [Perk] to keep reloading your weapons.”

Sidewinder is a skill that reduces the time to aim down sights and increases movement speed while aiming. Bulletstorm improves fire rate and reload speed while turning all weapons into fully automatic firearms. The Trait system also returns, allowing you can carry more ammo than other classes.

Of course, there are some downsides, like being more squishy and not having a second wind-style ability like the Challenger class. You also have no support skills. The Gunslinger is about dealing damage above all else. Fortunately, you can also have a secondary class in the endgame for more potent combinations.

Remnant 2 is out later this year for Xbox Series X/S, PC and PS5.