Jagged Alliance 3 is Out Now on PC, Fully Playable on Steam Deck

Jagged Alliance 3 is a turn-based tactical strategy game that has you managing a band of mercenaries as they fight their way to a cartoonishly-evil antagonist.

Turn-based RPG Jagged Alliance 3 is out now on PC. The game puts players in the shoes of the leader of a band of mercenaries as they go through the country of Grand Chien to help save the nation’s president.

Alongside its release on PC, the studio has also revealed that Jagged Alliance 3 is fully playable on the Steam Deck, stating that it works perfectly well and smoothly on the handheld PC gaming platform.

This marks the first new major release in the Jagged Alliance franchise in over two decades. While the franchise has seen a few releases since then, they’ve mostly been forgotten due to middling critical and commercial response.

Jagged Alliance 3 hopes to bring back the brutal gameplay from its predecessors to a modern audience. It taps into the more comedic side of the action genre, featuring just about every trope and cliche you can think of to add some levity to the game’s otherwise-brutal combat.