Hitman: World of Assassination Will Get a Physical Launch on PS5 on August 25

The physical version will also include a set of 3 collector’s art cards featuring artwork from locations featured in the trilogy.

The World of Assassination triloy has been a massive success for Hitman and IO Interactive alike, and the successful chapter of the stealth franchise was brought to a definitive close when earlier this year, IO released the last bit of post-launch content for Hitman 3 and rebranded and re-released it as Hitman: World of Assassination. That package will soon also be getting a physical release- though on one platform only.

IO Interactive has announced that it’s partnering with Solutions 2 Go to release a physical version of Hitman: World of Assassination exclusively for PS5. It will launch on August 25, and in addition to the game itself, it will also include a set of 3 collector’s art cards featuring artwork for locations from across the trilogy- Hitman’s ICA Training Facility, Hitman 2’s Miami racetrack, and Hitman 3’s Dubai skyscraper.

In addition, a very limited number of art cards autographed by the IO Interactive development team will also be inserted in some of the physical copies- 50 for Europe/ANZ and 50 for the Americas.

Whether or not IO Interactive will also do a physical launch for the game on Xbox Series X/S or last-gen consoles remains to be seen. Either way, PS5 owners will want to keep an eye on it, especially given the fact that it combines all three Hitman campaigns in a single package.

IO Interactive recently opened a new studio in Brighton to aid with the ongoing development of Project 007 and Project Fantasy.