Baldur’s Gate 3 Features Over 2000 Characters to Interact With, Alchemy Detailed

While the “golden path” takes over 80 hours, expect a “staggering amount of previously unseen content” in future playthroughs.

Though its recent Panel From Hell provided several new details for Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studios has revealed some more in a new Steam post. It first noted a new crafting feature – Alchemy, used to transmute herbs, crystals, monster parts and more to create items. These could range from potions and poison to oil for coating weapons.

It also discussed the 174 hours of cinematics touted last week, which are a “reflection of all the possible choices players can make in the game and the narrative permutations that will come out of each of those decisions.” Overall, there are 2000 characters to interact with and “different reactivities based on your chosen species and class.”

The so-called “golden path” requires over 80 hours, and players can expect “a staggering amount of previously unseen content in your second or even third playthrough.” For instance, you could venture through the Sharran territory in the Shadow-Cursed Lands as Shadowheart or go through the Underdark and reach the Harpers’ hamlet where Jaheira resides. Of course, if you want to see everything in a specific playthrough, expect to spend some 200 hours doing so.

At Baldur’s Gate, the true extent of your choices will become known. “Crowds in the city will systematically gossip and talk about your escapades and failures and can even be influenced through you directly modifying the paper and printing the most favourable headlines.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 launches on August 3rd for PC, while the PS5 version goes live on September 6th.