Total War: PHARAOH Gets New Video Showcasing New Mechanics, Weather System

Total War: PHARAOH will feature a new dynamic weather system that can change the way battles play out, as well as unique faction units and mechanics that allow for more freedom.

Developer Creative Assembly has released a new Dev Diary video for its upcoming strategy game Total War: PHARAOH. The video gives us a look at some gameplay from an early alpha build of the title, and shows off some of its new features and gameplay mechanics.

One of the biggest new features for the franchise will be Total War: PHARAOH‘s new dynamic weather system. The system will essentially allow the weather to change in the middle of battles, potentially affecting how battles can play out quite a bit.

The game will feature a few different weather changes, including rain, fog, storm, thunderstorm, sandstorm, and sweltering weather. These will effect different units in different ways.

For example, rain can potentially create patches of mud in the battlefield, introducing a new obstacle that players will have to deal with, and could take advantage of.

Different factions will also feature different types of units equipped with different gear, which can in turn be affected by the weather system as well. For example, the heavy chariot-using Hittites will face difficulties in muddy terrain.

Each faction will also have unique mechanics, but with the twist that players can choose different faction mechanics depending on their preferred style of play.

Total War: PHARAOH is slated for a PC release in October.