PlayStation London Studio’s Live Service Game Could Have Heroes, Launch Simultaneously on PC and PS5

A Senior/Principal Combat Designer listing talks about designing a “well-balanced roster of Heroes, each with signature abilities.”

Sony’s studios are busy working on various live service projects, from Haven Studios’ Fairgame$ and Firewalk Studios’ Concord to Naughty Dog’s multiplayer title set in The Last of Us universe. PlayStation London Studio has yet to reveal its upcoming PS5 game, but it’s confirmed to be co-op and set in a fantasy version of London.

Gameplay elements have yet to be revealed, but it could have a roster of heroes to choose from. In the Senior/Principal Combat Designer listing, the scope of work entails “Critical contribution to the design of a well-balanced roster of Heroes, each with signature abilities.” The developer also wants to ensure the enemies have “clear attack patterns which players can learn to combat with a Heroes’ set of abilities.”

Working with gameplay and Live Ops designers to create “engaging and scalable skills” and a “progression system that retains players” seems to point towards a roster of heroes. The part under “Experience / Knowledge” also asks for experience in creating and delivering “large-scale combat features, preferably on PC and Console, from concept to in the hands of players.”

On top of possibly hinting at content like raids and whatnot, it also seemingly indicates that the title could launch simultaneously for PC and PS5. PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst did confirm that first-party live service games would launch simultaneously for both platforms, so this tracks.

There’s no indication of when the untitled game could release, so stay tuned for more details.