Baldur’s Gate 3 – The Dark Urge is the Final Origin Character

Plagued by a voice urging them to do horrible things, players can either resist it or give in and commit all kinds of atrocities.

Larian Studios shared new details for Baldur’s Gate 3 en route to its full launch, including a reveal for its seventh Origin character: The Dark Urge. It’s technically you, the player, but all the evil things.

The Dark Urge is fully customizable – be a Dragonborn Monk, if you want – but theirs is a dark counterpoint to the story. They want to do horrible things and can either resist the urge or lean into it. For instance, when Gale’s hand emerges from a portal, you can either help pull him out or fantasize about hacking it off, leading to you doing it.

Shadowheart is appalled by these actions, but you can keep the hand as a trophy and reminisce fondly about the violence later. Things can get very brutal, but you always have the choice to resist. The Dark Urge’s backstory and why they’re so keen on murder is one of many mysteries in the game.

Other interesting details include Wyll’s entire story being redone with dialogue rewritten. He’s now keen on killing Karlach, the last revealed Origin character, but not doing so takes him down a different path (where they may even become friends). Minthara and Halsin can also be recruited into your party as companions, even though they’re not playable.

Finally, if all your companions die, there are custom characters known as Hirelings to fill out the party. Along with customizing classes, you can respec and reset skills.

Baldur’s Gate 3 launches on August 3rd for PC, having been preponed from its original August 31st date. PS5 players will have to wait till September 6th to play.