Total War: Pharaoh Deep Dive Video Showcases Egyptian Factions and Their Unique Play Styles

Players will be able to choose between four Egyptian Faction Leaders, each of whom will come with unique play styles, buildings, units, and more.

Developer Creative Assembly has released a new video offering a deep dive into upcoming strategy game Total War: Pharaoh‘s Egyptian faction. The deep dive, which you can check out below, gives us both a taste of the real-world history behind the faction, as well as some gameplay details.

The Leaders available to players in Total War: Pharaoh span the cultural hubs of Egypt, Canaan and Anatolia. Players will be able to pick from four Faction Leaders within Egypt, each featuring their own unique play styles and roster of units.

For example, Ramesses is an elite warrior who actively takes part in battles, and boasts strength and speed that no other Faction Leader has. His armies, similarly, feature elite soldiers that, while smaller in number than his opponents, are more powerful on average.

The video also shows off unique faction-specific buildings, like the Necropolis of the Honoured Dead, which bolsters both happiness and influence of provinces. Check out the deep dive below for more details.

Total War: Pharaoh was announced back in May 2023, and will be coming to PC on October 2023.