Naraka: Bladepoint Will Launch for PS5 and Go Free-to-Play on July 13

All PS5 players will also receive free in-game items, while PlayStation Plus subscribers will also get additional exclusives.

In a genre as competitive as battle royales, one can never be too sure about how long a newcomer will stick around, no matter how promising, but since its launch a couple of years ago, melee-based battle royale title Naraka: Bladepoint has maintained some solid momentum. Soon, developer 24 Entertainment will also be taking additional steps that will likely expand its player base.

The developer has announced that on July 13, Naraka: Bladepoint will finally be coming to PS5. All PS5 players will be a number of free in-game items as a way to welcome them to the game, including a Katana skin, a Ryuzan·Frost Reflection, and 2 Immortal Treasures. Meanwhile, PlayStation Plus subscribers will also get additional items on top of that, including 5 more Treasures and an exclusive piece of headgear.

Additionally, 24 Entertainment has also announced that Naraka: Bladepoint will be going free-to-play on the same day across all platforms. Whether that will go hand-in-hand with eventual monetization changes remains to be seen.

Naraka: Bladepoint is currently available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.