Silent Hill: The Short Message Story Details Have Leaked – Rumour

Players will allegedly play as a student named Anita, who visits an abandoned apartment complex to uncover the mysteries surrounding her friend’s death.

WIth Silent Hill 2’s remake, Silent Hill: Townfall, and Silent Hill f, Konami has three major upcoming instalments announced for its long-dormant horror franchise, though rumours have claimed that plenty more are in the works. One of these is supposed to be a game called Silent Hill: The Short Message, which has yet to be announced but has received official ratings in both South Korea and Taiwan (though the latter was removed earlier this year).

Now, new potential story details on The Short Message have also emerged, courtesy of prominent leaker Dusk Golem. Posting in messages on Discord (via Reddit), the leaker has revealed alleged narrative details of the game, though they state that this information comes from a 2020 build of the title, which means they may or may not have been altered since then. Obviously, there are some potential spoilers ahead, so keep that in mind if you wish to read on.

Slent Hill: The Short Message will allegedly see players stepping into the shoes of a student named Anita. All but invisible to others in her class, Anita has just one friend in Maya, whom she grew up with, though the two have lately been growing apart due to Anita developing “destructive habbits”, like slitting her wrists and “looking at shocking things on the internet”.

Things seemingly take a turn, however, when Maya is found dead, apparently having committed suicide. Even after her death, however, someone has been continuing to post on her social media accounts. Hoping to uncover the mysteries surrounding her friend’s death, Anita travels to an abandoned apartment complex, where is where Maya took her own life.

The leaker has also said that the details mentioned above have very few spoilers and essentially only cover the beginning of the game, and that there’s plenty else going on in the story that they don’t cover, like the aformentioned abandoned apartments having “their own storied history”.

Initial leaks surrounding The Short Message claimed that the game would be a relatively shorter playable teaser that would set the stage for the next mainline Silent Hill game, which has since then been officially unveiled as Silent Hill f.

When (or if) we’ll hear something about the game remains to be seen, though with Konami confirmed to be attending Tokyo Game Show this September, hopefully, it won’t be too long before that happens.