DNF Duel – Spectre Arrives on July 12th

The Season Pass’s first DLC character is finally out next week, alongside the Indomitable Spirit and Cube Select systems.

After initially being announced last December, DNF Duel’s first DLC character Spectre is finally joining the roster on July 12th. As part of the upcoming Season Pass, she’ll be available on all platforms.

The Season Pass includes four other characters, the next arriving in Fall 2023. The third DLC character will release in Winter 2023 with a new stage, while the fourth and fifth are slated for 2024. Along with Spectre, the development team is adding two new systems – Indomitable Spirit and Cube Select – which feed into the new Awakening system.

Awakening can activate when a character’s health falls below 30 percent, triggering a new Effect and Skills. You could have it trigger below 50 percent health, but it’ll be less potent. As for Spectre, you can check out more of her abilities and skills here.

DNF Duel is available for PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.