Disney Illusion Island Trailer Teases Danger on Monoth Island

The hand-drawn co-op platformer launches on July 28th for Nintendo Switch and sees Mickey and friends retrieving three tomes.

A new trailer is available for Disney Illusion Island, the four-player co-op platformer from Dlala Studios and Disney Interactive Studios. Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Minnie venture to the mysterious Monoth Island and are tasked with retrieving three tomes of knowledge. The task is fraught with danger and suffering, but for Donald, that’s just another Tuesday.

The island has its share of challenges as the heroes swim, jump, wall-jump and much more through various obstacles. Each character has unique abilities, but everyone can grind on rails, swing from vines, and more. Based on the trailer alone, the hand-drawn art style looks incredible, while the orchestral score captures that classic Disney feel.

Though not showcased here, there are bosses to battle and puzzles to solve. Players can also assist each other in co-op with unique abilities like Rope Drop and Leap Frog.

Disney Illusion Island launches on July 28th for Nintendo Switch.