Silent Hill 2 Remake is “100 Percent” Bigger Than the Original

Insider Dusk Golem is “waiting for dates to be concrete” but didn’t clarify whether this was about a release date or the new trailer’s debut.

Bloober Team has been somewhat mum on Silent Hill 2 Remake since clarifying the state of development in March. While insider Dusk Golem claimed in May that new trailers for it and Silent Hill: Townfall were dropping soon, it was actually Silent Hill: Ascension that received a trailer and new details.

A new date for the trailer hasn’t been decided, but they did reveal (via The Snitch’s Discord) that the remake is “100 percent bigger than the original.” Whether this is confirmation of it being bigger or stating that it’s twice the size of the PS2 classic remains to be seen. They’re also “waiting for dates to be concrete.”

“I heard something a couple of weeks back, but waiting and seeing.” While this may sound like release dates, it could also refer to when the next trailer premieres. Time will ultimately tell, so stay tuned.

Developed on Unreal Engine 5 and based on Konami’s legendary survival horror, Silent Hill 2 Remake is coming to PS5 (as a 12-month timed exclusive) and PC. It requires a whopping 50 GB of installation space on PC, though whether that translates to more content is unknown. It doesn’t have a release window yet, so stay tuned.