Fort Solis Launches August 22nd for PS5 and PC

The narrative thriller sees players investigating a mining facility on Mars, and plays out over four chapters without camera cuts.

Dear Villagers has announced that Fort Solis, the adventure thriller from Fallen Leaf and Black Drakkar Games, will release on August 22nd. It’s coming to PS5 and PC, and a new trailer is available, showcasing a lot of the running around and tension players will feel. Check it out below.

Starring Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption 2), Julia Brown (World on Fire) and Troy Baker (The Last of Us), it takes place on a Mars mining facility that has suddenly gone dark. As engineer Jack Leary, players undertake a routine inspection, only to find the crew missing and bizarre events occurring. Developed on Unreal Engine 5, Fort Solis has no HUD, load times or camera cuts.

Fallen Leaf game director James Tinsdale said, “With Fort Solis, we wanted the setting to be a character. Sci-fi horror is host to many of cinema’s greatest, most chilling settings. Like Alien‘s Nostromo or Solaris’ titular vessel, we wanted Fort Solis to create its own hostile tone, a derelict mining station barraged by a sandstorm. The environments in Fort Solis are integral to the story we’re telling, so bringing it to life was among our top priorities.”

Interestingly, the developers revealed that Fort Solis plays out across four chapters, so you can go one chapter at a time or binge them all in a single session. As for whether it will ever come to Xbox, Tinsdale told us that the team is looking to Fort Solis to “any and every audience we can.”