Fort Solis Dev on Potential Xbox Launch: “We Will Continue to Explore Platforms for Future Releases”

“We are always looking to bring Fort Solis to any and every audience we can,” says game director James Tinsdale.

Since it was unveiled last year, Fallen Leaf and Black Drakkar Games’ narrative-driven sci-fi thriller Fort Solis has been on the radar for no few people, and though it doesn’t seem like the game is going to be available on every platform right at launch, its developers are looking to ensure that it does eventually hit as many platforms as it can.

Upon its announcement, Fort Solis was confirmed to be a PC-only title, while earlier this year, a PS5 version was also confirmed (followed shortly by a Mac announcement). In a recent interview with GamingBolt, game director James Tinsdale also revealed that though an Xbox version hasn’t yet been announced, the developers would like to bring the game to “any and every audience” they can.

“We are always looking to bring Fort Solis to any and every audience we can,” Tinsdale told GamingBolt when asked about a potential Xbox version. “We recently announced the title will be coming to Mac and we will continue to work with external partners to explore avenues and platforms for future releases.”

Of course, how long after the game’s initial release it’ll be before it arrives on Xbox remains to be seen, but if you’re on Microsoft’s console, you can at least rest assured that the game will eventually become available to you.

Fort Solis is set to launch sometime this Summer, but doesn’t yet have a specific release date announced.