Pikmin 1+2 Launch Trailer Shows Updated Visuals, Physical Release Confirmed

HD versions of both games are available digitally via the eShop, while a physical bundle will be launching in September.

Long-suffering Pikmin fans have finally got plenty of cause for celebration. At yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, not only did we get to see more gameplay for the upcoming Pikmin 4, Nintendo also revealed and released HD versions of Pikmin 1 and 2 for the Switch. A launch trailer has also been released for the remasters, which showcases its updated visuals. Check it out below.

The Switch versions of Pikmin 1 and 2 are based on their Wii release, which added the New Play Control updates, allowing players to use the Wii’s motion controls. On the Wii, however, neither of the two games featured updated visuals, which means fans of the franchise will be able to experience the GameCube classics with updated graphics for the first time. Of course, the mark up here isn’t on the same level as something like the gorgeous Metroid Prime Remastered, but it’s still a noticeable bump.

Meanwhile, in the press release announcing Pikmin 1+2’s launch, Nintendo also confirmed a physical release for the HD remasters. Both games are available digitally via the eShop right now, and can be purchased either individually or as a bundle. On September 22, meanwhile, a physical release featuring both games will also become available.

The series’ next mainline instalment, the long-awaited Pikmin 4, launches on July 21.