Final Fantasy 16 is Now Available Worldwide

Producer Naoki Yoshida thanks fans for their “patience and support” as the PS5 exclusive is finally available in all regions.

Final Fantasy 16, the latest mainline title in the series from Square Enix, is out now worldwide on PS5. To celebrate the occasion, producer Naoki Yoshida released a message on Twitter, thanking fans for their patience and support. He also assured it’s enjoyable “120 percent”, even by those who haven’t played the previous games.

Set in Valisthea, comprised of six realms, Final Fantasy 16’s story focuses on Clive Rosfield. After suffering tragedy in his youth, he embarks on a quest to slay the Eikon of Fire, journeying through various locations and meeting allies like Cidolfus Telamon and childhood friend Jill Warrick. Of course, he also has Torgal by his side for support.

Unlike previous entries, Final Fantasy 16’s combat is entirely real-time (with Ryota Suzuki of Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon’s Dogma fame calling it his “personal masterpiece”). Players can slash enemies apart and unleash Eikonic Skills to stagger foes for more damage. Eikons also collide in massive cinematic battles with unique mechanics, from shooters to wrestling.