Witchfire – New Gameplay Trailer Showcases Combat and Attunement System


The Hunger provides powerful bullets on reloading after critical hits, but it becomes more potent at higher Attunement levels.​

The Astronauts released a new gameplay trailer for Witchfire during IGN Fan Fest 2023, providing more details on the game’s guns. Creative director Adrian Chmielarz focused on one gun in particular – a hand cannon called Hunger. By scoring critical hits, players gain extra powerful bullets on reloading.

However, this is only the weapon’s first Attunement. Its second makes the bullets even more powerful based on the number of critical hits scored. So while three critical hits will provide three buffed bullets on the next reload, they’re all the more powerful. The third and final level of Attunement has the first body shot counting as a critical hit, and if all shots are crits, you can Freeze enemies.

Witchfire will be available on the Epic Games Store in 2023 as an early access release. No release date, or details on a Steam release, have been provided, so stay tuned for in the coming weeks.