Final Fantasy 16 Video Showcases Rearranged Enemies in New Game Plus

Final Fantasy Mode is available in New Game Plus as an optional difficulty and features remixed foes that hit much harder.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 16 is just a few days away and promises a massive experience. Along with a 35-40 hour main story (not including side content), it also has New Game Plus with access to a new difficulty: Final Fantasy Mode. In a new video by IGN First, combat director Ryota Suzuki and director Hiroshi Takai showcase some of the rearranged enemies that players can expect.

For example, The Greatwood may have a Dragon Aevis on the first playthrough, but for Final Fantasy Mode, it’s replaced by a Chimera. Similarly, a later area swaps out the Ironblood Fanatic foe with an Iron Giant. All your Eikonic Skills carry over, evening the odds, but require all your know-how to succeed.

Final Fantasy 16 is out on June 22nd for PS5. The developer recently confirmed a day-one patch for optimizing performance, fixing minor text issues, and more, which weighs about 300 MB.