Final Fantasy 16 was Initially Planned to Release on Two Discs

About six months before launch, the developer found a way to barely fit everything onto one disc, which helped keep costs down.

It’s no secret that games are getting bigger, especially as triple-A developers cram more content and visual fidelity. Some games, like the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, will ship on two discs for PS5. Square Enix is no stranger to massive install sizes, and it seemed that Final Fantasy 16 was going the same route.

In the Pre-Launch Celebration livestream, producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed the initial plan was to ship the game on two discs. However, the team found a way to fit it all on one disc roughly six months before launch, which helped avoid increased production costs (not to mention issues that could arise from premature mastering).

It’s a pretty big feat, especially given the scale of Final Fantasy 16. Director Hiroshi Takai revealed that the main story takes 35 to 40 hours to complete, but with optional content, it can take about 70 hours. There’s also New Game Plus and difficulties like Final Fantasy Mode, where enemy types and arrangements are changed, leading to a different, more challenging experience.

Final Fantasy 16 launches on June 22nd, and is confirmed to have a day one patch.