BlazBlue Entropy Effect Announced – Action Rogue-Lite Coming This Year

The 2D rogue-lite sees players exploring a strange world and collecting Phenomena Fragments to unravel the story’s events.

Arc System Works’ fighting game series BlazBlue is getting a spin-off 2D action rogue-lite called BlazBlue Entropy Effect. Developed by Team ACT, a “veteran action game development team with over ten years of experience,” it features multiple characters and a world on the brink of destruction. Check out the first trailer below.

Very little is known, but players seemingly need to explore an unknown world and try to find their way out. Other characters can join you, and collecting Phenomena Fragments will reveal the story. Along the way, you can complete challenges to unlock Potential Skills and use seven different elements, like Ice, Toxin, Umbra, Fire, Blade etc. The cast seemingly includes series’ mainstays Ragna the Bloodedge, Noel Vermillion, Haku-Men, Mai Natsume and Hibiki Kohaku.

You can assign Legacy Skills from other characters and even mix the elements. While it’s confirmed for PC via Steam, other platforms and a release date have yet to be revealed. Team ACT aims to launch BlazBlue Entropy Effect this year, so expect more details and gameplay in the coming months.