Final Fantasy 16 Physical Copies Have Started Shipping a Week Ahead of Launch

Spoilers for the upcoming action RPG are out in the wild, with some players having got their hands on the game ahead of launch.

2023 continues to deliver one megaton after another, with Square Enix’s massively anticipated action RPG Final Fantasy 16 next in line. With a launch set for less than a week from now, there obviously isn’t long left until the game is out in the world and in players’ hands, though it seems some have already got access to the game.

Players have been spotted on gaming forums as well as social media sites like Reddit and Twitter, claiming to have got their physical copies shipped to them a week ahead of launch. With some retailers having broken street date, details on the game, gameplay footage, and spoilers have also started emerging online.

For obvious reasons, we won’t be covering those spoilers here, and if you’re looking to go into the game blind, you’re going to want to be vigilant. Maybe start blocking some words on Twitter, and stay off sites where you could run into unmarked spoilers.

Final Fantasy 16 is set to launch for PS5 on June 22.