Final Fantasy 16 Trophy List Has Leaked

Earning the Platinum Trophy requires completing the game in Final Fantasy Mode, which means a New Game Plus playthrough.

With the news that physical copies of Final Fantasy 16 are in the wild before its global release, it only makes sense for its Trophies to be revealed early. As detailed by PowerPyx, there are 50 Trophies in total. We’ll avoid story spoilers, but some gameplay Trophies are worth noting.

For instance, there are Trophies for defeating a boss without taking any damage, punishing a certain number of enemies, and even dealing a lot of damage on a staggered target. Some Eikonic Skills like Heatwave, Deadly Embrace, Rook’s Gambit and more also have associated Trophies. You also have the standard Trophies for mastering all of an Eikon’s abilities and upgrading them fully.

Bad news for those seeking the Platinum, though One of the Trophies requires completing the game on Final Fantasy Mode. It’s only available in New Game Plus, and increases enemy aggression, remixes enemy types, and changes their placements throughout the game. There’s even exclusive content tied to it, like Final Chronolith Trials.

Final Fantasy 16 is out on June 22nd for PS5. A demo is available free and features the first two hours of Prologue, with progression carrying over to the game.