PS5 Game Streaming via the Cloud is Coming to PlayStation Plus Premium

The feature is currently in the “early stages,” with more details, including a time frame for launch, set to be provided later.

Along with the latest range of titles coming to PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium on June 20th, Sony also confirmed that cloud streaming for PS5 titles is currently in testing. It will be available for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers and include titles from the Game Catalog, Game Trials and supported digital games that players.

So if you’re keen on trying a new game out but don’t want to wait for the download (or lack space), game streaming lets you jump in. The feature’s addition is another “benefit to PlayStation Plus Premium as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the value of PlayStation Plus.” Though it’s currently in the early stages, the company looks forward to providing more details and a proper time frame for launch.

PS5 game streaming via the cloud was initially rumored to launch with Update 7.00 back in March. A public beta was reportedly set for January, which didn’t happen, but it could occur before the feature is rolled out officially worldwide.