While DICE is mostly known as the studio behind the Battlefield franchise, the studio has dipped its toes in other genres as well. One of the games the studio has made in recent years that’s not a shooter is Mirror’s Edge. It seems that in Season 4, DICE has snuck in a Battlefield 2042 Mirror’s Edge Easter egg!

The BF2042 Mirror’s Edge Easter egg can be spotted in the new Flashpoint map introduced in Season 4. How to get to it? Super simple. Just fly to the crane on top of the map’s big hole. On top of the crane, you’ll see a Faith’s running shoes in first-person action franchise! Give it a watch with this quick tour of it by DANNYonPC:

For those not familiar with Mirror’s Edge, it was originally released in 2008 on the PS3,Xbox 360, PC with a follow up prequel/reboot titled Mirror’s Edge Catalyst released in 2016 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

While the franchise might not be a household name, it has a cult following given its fast-paced parkour system that players either love, or hated since it made them nauseous. Will we see Faith Connors run again? Who knows, but this is a good reminder that DICE can craft more than just Battlefield experiences.