The Division Resurgence Launches in Fall 2023

The mobile looter shooter is coming to iOS and Android, from the Dark Zone to Domination Conflict. Pre-registrations are available now.

Following the release date reveal for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Ubisoft Massive again took the stage for The Division Resurgence, a mobile title based on its third-person looter shooter series. It received a new CG trailer and a release window for Fall 2023 on iOS and Android. Check it out below.

Set before the first game, Resurgence focuses on the SHD’s First Wave as they answer the call. You’ll still venture to the Base of Operations in Manhattan and find some sick loot. The difference is that there are Specializations, like Vanguard and Demolitionist, and you can swap them out whenever. No more having to return to the BoO, again and again, to do so.

Of course, the Dark Zone is also present, as players work together or betray each other to extract sweet loot. There’s also Domination Conflict for those seeking competitive PvP.