Minecraft 1.20 Patch is Now Called the ‘Trails & Tales Update’

Is slated to bring a host of new features to Minecraft

Mojang has announced that Minecraft‘s upcoming 1.20 update is officially titled the Trails & Tales update. The name for the update was announced during a new monthly YouTube series, dubbed Minecraft Monthly, where the studio talks about the development of its various games.

In a blog post announcing the name for the update and the show, the studio also talks about Trails & Tales sticking to Minecraft‘s tradition of naming its major updates after a thematic element from the game.

“The name represents the journey that Minecraft takes us on, and the unique stories that each of us bring back,” says the studio in the post. “Sometimes, that journey is literal, like riding towards the horizon on a camel with your best friend. Other times, it’s more metaphorical, like learning how to evade hostile mobs or working out a smart mining system. At the end of the journey, however you have chosen to play Minecraft, you will have your very own story that goes with it. We love hearing them, and we hope that Trails & Tales will encourage you to tell even more Minecraft stories that you can share with the world!”

The Trails & Tales update is slated to bring a host of new features to Minecraft, including a new cherry blossom biome, as well as an entirely new archeology system. While the update doesn’t yet have a solid release date for the game’s main channel, it is currently available in snapshot builds, betas, and preview builds of the game.