Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Features Playable Zack, 50 Percent of Story Goes in a New Direction

The sequel allegedly features zones like Final Fantasy 16 but “smaller,” and fans can “kiss the original story completely goodbye.”

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth recently received a new trailer at the Summer Game Fest Showcase to much hype. While it’s launching in early 2024, details are already beginning to leak, courtesy of insider Im A Hero Too (who reported the official name for Persona 3 Reload before its announcement leaked).

In a new reply on Resetera, they alleged that Rebirth is out in January and that Zack is playable “during a big part” and that only the “the tiniest part of the game” has been teased (likely referring to the debut trailer). The scale “is massive,” and fans can “kiss the original story completely goodbye.” Given Sephiroth’s latest revelations, that seems a given, but it remains to be seen how much has changed.

While the trailer showcased large open spaces, it’s apparently not an open world. Instead, Rebirth will have zones like Final Fantasy 16 but “smaller.” The battle system is “still sublime,” if that wasn’t obvious enough already. About 50 percent of the game is “a new direction if I had to guess,” and though not “as meta as Remake (which almost literally had fans as those destiny ghosts), it’s definitely a new direction with lots of callbacks.”

As with their reports on Final Fantasy 10 Remake, allegedly releasing in 2026, the insider deleted several of posts and closed their Resetera account. It could be due to their identity being at risk, but even if they’ve got several things right, take things with a grain of salt.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is exclusive to PS5 and will ship on two discs.