Counter-Strike 2 Will Allow Players to Sell Back Accidentally Bought Items

Valve has revealed a new Valorant-inspired quality-of-life feature that allows players to refund items.

Valve has revealed a few new details about its hotly-anticipated follow-up to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Counter-Strike 2. In some tweets, the studio has revealed that Counter-Strike 2 will bring with it new quality-of-life options that seem quite influenced from Riot’s Valorant. Check out the demonstration for the new features below.

One of the new features allows players who may have mistakenly bought a weapon or piece of equipment to sell back the item to get a full refund. The money can then be spent on what the player actually wanted to buy. Another major new feature is a new loadout system where players can pick 15 weapons across 3 different categories to bring into matches. These loadouts can be made individually for both CT and T sides.

When Counter-Strike 2 was first announced back in March, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive saw a massive surge in players, resulting in a new record of over 1.5 million concurrent players on Steam. For context, the closest the game has otherwise gotten to those numbers was early in the COVID-19-induced lockdown back in 2020, when the game hit 1.3 million players.

Counter-Strike 2 doesn’t yet have a release date aside from a summer 2023 release window. The game is coming to PC, but Valve hasn’t revealed any plans to bring it to consoles.