Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Will Feature New Tracks and New Arrangements for FF7 Remake Music

Square Enix has released another brief developer quote for the upcoming sequel, this time from music supervisor Keiji Kawamori.

Square Enix has been sharing brief quotes from members of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s development team every day for the past few days now, and from its story and party members to its world and exploration, the devs have briefly touched on a number of things related to the highly anticipated sequel.

The company has released another a sixth developer quote as well, this one coming from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s music supervisor Keiji Kawamori. In a comment shared via the game’s official page, Kawamori has revealed that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s soundtrack will, as one would expect, include entirely new tracks that have been composed for the game, while it will also featured rearranged versions of a few that you might remember from 2020’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

“Many new tracks have been created for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and we will be making some new arrangements of tracks from Final Fantasy 7 Remake as well,” Kawamori says.

Recently, co-director Motomu Toriyama said that the development team has “made preparations” to ensure that those who didn’t play Final Fantasy 7 Remake will still be able to “fully enjoy” the story in its upcoming sequel. Read more on that through here.

Tomorrow, Square Enix will be sharing its seventh daily developer comment for the upcoming action RPG sequel. With the day coinciding with Summer Game Fest, many have speculated that the game could show up with a new trailer at the event.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is set to launch this coming Winter for PS5.